5 Powerful Benefits of Making Over Your Smile

  • November 10, 2016

When it comes to your home, there are generally two reasons you would attempt some drastic changes and give it a makeover:

You need to add value to the house so you can sell it. You hate the way it looks and want it looking great again.

There are a lot of questions about what changes can add value (Do you really focus on the kitchen? Is the cost worth it?), but when it comes to changing the look so you love it again, that’s a no-brainer. You don’t even need to make super-expensive changes, either. Get a fresh coat of paint in a modern color for the living room, and suddenly you want to spend more time there.

The same is true for a smile makeover. While you won’t be selling your smile, you can easily hate how it looks all stained, crooked, and misshapen. And by giving your smile a makeover, you can reap several benefits. Cosmetic dentistry has gotten more available and less expensive over the years, so here are some powerful benefits from getting a smile makeover at our Leesburg dental office.

Boost your self-confidence: If you’ve ever gotten a bad haircut or wore a shirt that you didn’t realize had a big stain on it, you know how damaging such a look can be to your self-confidence. Just knowing others can see that haircut or stain can make you want to go hide instead of interacting with people. You can sit around at lunch, looking to see if people are staring at you, wondering what they’re thinking about how bad you look. Haircuts and clothes can be quickly changed, but not your teeth. If you think your smile is horrible, you can’t hide it — and that will take away your confidence. But by getting a smile makeover, you can get a beautiful smile that boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Get better results at work: No, a beautiful smile won’t help you work harder or be more creative. But when your confidence is higher, you are more likely to trust your decisions and feel good about how you contribute. More importantly, people treat you better when you look better. If you go to a meeting with a mouth full of stained, cracked teeth, your coworkers will be more likely to ignore your suggestions. Sad, but true. After a smile makeover, though, people will be more inclined to treat you well. That means listening better to your suggestions, and it could even lead to a big promotion.

Look younger and get dates: Americans spend a ton of money each year on products that make us look younger: wrinkle removers, tanning, gym memberships, and so on. Sometimes, those products don’t exactly work as advertised. Then why do we keep trying them? Because we want to look younger and, for some of us, we know that will help us get a date. (Or at least look better for that special someone in our life.) Because a smile makeover can get rid of the stains, chips, and gaps that tend to happen as we get older, it can take years off your appearance. And that can only lead to good things.

Get past trauma from accidents: Sometimes, the problems in our smile are not from getting older. Horrible accidents like getting hit by a car or taking a baseball to the mouth can easily crack, fracture, or even knock out a tooth or more. The memories from that accident are probably traumatic. But if you haven’t taken care of the cosmetic damage, you will see the results of that accident every time you brush your teeth and look in the mirror. That means you will relive the accident over and over again. A smile makeover can get rid of the cosmetic problem caused by that accident so you don’t have to keep remembering it, helping you get past the trauma.

Maintain healthier teeth and gums: Yes, a smile makeover is mainly focused on the appearance of your smile. But in some cases, the cosmetic problem can lead to health problems. For example, having a set of crooked, overcrowded teeth can wear down the enamel in places and allow food to collect along the gumline, increasing your chances of gum disease and tooth decay. An orthodontic treatment like our Invisalign “invisible braces” from our Leesburg, VA dental office can relieve those health problems while making your smile look great.

All of these cosmetic treatments are long-lasting as well. If you get KoR teeth whitening or dental veneers, for example, your teeth will likely look great for 10-20 years. That means the benefits listed above will last as long. If you’re ready to get a complete smile makeover, call us at 703-297-4353 today or contact us now!