Answering Your Questions About Dental Anxiety [BLOG]

  • May 26, 2017

A new season is finally here! In the weeks ahead, your friends and family will be enjoying the warm sun and the fresh air. But you won’t.

That’s because the start of summer is your six month mark for your routine dental cleaning and exam. Instead of looking forward to all the fun summer festivities you have planned, you’re wishing the last few weeks would’ve slowed to a crawl so you could’ve put off that dental appointment just a little bit longer.

You have dental anxiety, just like millions of other Americans who suffer from the same debilitating fear of the dentist. You can’t imagine anything worse than having to walk into that office, smelling the antiseptic, hearing the hair-raising sounds of mysterious tools coming from a far off torture chamber. It’s the worst.

But we have good news for you! It doesn’t have to be. Our Leesburg dental office offers sedation dentistry for people just like you who have crippling dental anxiety. Family First Dental & Implant Center can help ease your fears and calm your nerves. Today’s blog will help you better understand how we do that by answering some commonly asked questions.

Question #1. Why Is It A Big Deal If I Don’t Schedule Routine Dental Checkups?

If you brush and floss daily, we applaud your effort! But unfortunately, good oral hygiene isn’t enough on its own to ensure optimum oral and overall health. Skipping dental cleanings and exams can put you at a greater risk for periodontal disease, or gum disease. This is a very slow moving, sneaky oral infection that can creep its way into your bloodstream and cause a host of serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke. In its early stages, the symptoms of gum disease are very difficult for the untrained eye to detect.

In order to properly clean the area around and under your gumline, you really need a dental professional who has the necessary skills and equipment to clean, prevent, diagnose, and treat gum disease.

So while we completely understand why you might be fearful of the dentist, it’s critical for your health to keep those appointments for routine checkups. At Family First Dental & Implant Center, our warm, friendly staff and our skilled hygienists do all we can to help keep you calm and relaxed during your visit, no matter the treatment.

Question #2.  How Can Family First Dental & Implant Center Help Me Overcome Dental Anxiety?

In our Leesburg dental office, we believe in treating you like a person, not a number. We don’t rush through your appointments or make you feel like we’re trying to hurry you out the door so we can get to the next patient in line. Longer appointment times is just one of the ways we try to make you feel comfortable.

Along with that, we also offer warm blankets, pillows, and calming music, all which can help you feel more at ease and more relaxed while in the dentist chair. You also will be treated like a member of the family by our warm, caring staff. We understand how you feel and know how valuable it is to fearful patients to feel like we care about them. And for us, it’s easy, because we actually do care! We’re a patient-centered practice who puts your comfort first.

If you have more intense anxiety about your procedure, you can choose from two sedation options. One is oral conscious sedation where you take a pill before your treatment. While you’re awake during the procedure and can still respond to Dr. Buro and our team of specialists, you’ll feel completely relaxed because the medicine helps calm your nerves significantly.

A stronger level of sedation we offer is IV sedation, also referred to as twilight sleep sedation. Under our highly trained care, you will be given the right dose of sedation that will have you drifting in and out of a sleep-like state. For longer, complicated procedures, this type of sedation is ideal. After all is completed, it’s likely that you may not even remember having the procedure at all.

Let Dr. Buro and our caring team at Family First Dental & Implant Center keep your smile as healthy as possible with our sedation dentistry to help you overcome your dental anxiety. Call us today at 703-297-4353 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.