Oral Health Tips For Your Summer Vacation [BLOG]

  • July 17, 2017

Before you make all the final arrangements for your summer vacation, Dr. Buro and our team at Family First Dental & Implant Center want to make sure you’re ready to keep your teeth and gums healthy! This will help give you some peace of mind knowing that you can easily maintain your oral hygiene routine while you’re away and help you relax, enjoy, and come back rejuvenated.

Here are three helpful oral health tips for your summer vacation:

TIP #1: Get Cleared For Takeoff With A Dental Checkup!

If you’re about due for your routine dental cleaning and exam, it’s best to get that done before your summer vacation rather than after. Your regular checkups allow us to catch dental problems early enough so that they don’t turn into more serious issues down the road. That’s true any time of the year.

But when you know you’ll be away from the comfort of our Leesburg dental office, it’s a great idea to let us make sure you’re free and clear of any oral health issues before you leave. Let’s face it, the last thing you want while you’re trying to enjoy a nice relaxing vacation is a broken restoration or a toothache.

Dr. Buro and our skilled hygienists can reduce your chances of a ruined vacation with a thorough cleaning and exam so you can be cleared for takeoff!

TIP #2: Schedule Your Dental Work Ahead Of Time!

Along with that, it’s an equally beneficial plan to schedule any necessary dental procedure before your trip. If you give yourself a few weeks in advance to get treatment out of the way, you have more time to follow up with Dr. Buro and to reach out to us for help should complications arise.

Again, when you’re on vacation, the last thing you should have to deal with is pain or discomfort for any reason. If you feel a toothache coming on, you don’t want to ignore it and hope it’ll go away on its own. Chances are, if you do that, it’ll only get worse by the time you’re on the beach or touring an exciting new place. How could you possibly relax and enjoy yourself if you’re in pain?

The same goes for a cavity or a chipped tooth. You, and your vacation, are better off if you get dental work out of the way before you say bon voyage!

TIP #3: Pack For Good Oral Health On The Go!

One of the best things about traveling is the chance to soak up exciting new cultures, sights, and delicacies of an unfamiliar place. This is no time for counting calories! Your summer vacation is when you give yourself permission to indulge in new, delicious foods you can’t find at home.

Because of this, you’re likely to be consuming foods and drinks that are higher in calories and refined sugars than you’re used to eating. But just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your oral health should be.

To make oral hygiene a little easier while you’re away from your normal routine, pack travel sizes of toothpaste, dental flossers, mouthwash, and a toothbrush. That way, after a meal full of calorie-dense deliciousness, you can find a restroom and give your teeth and gums a quick clean before you head to the next item on your itinerary.

Another great tip is to plan ahead for dental emergencies. We certainly wish you a great trip free from any sort of medical problems, but sometimes those things happen. You might be enjoying a steak dinner at a nice restaurant and bite down the wrong way and break a tooth. Believe us, it can happen!

Spend a few minutes doing some online searching for emergency dental services nearby your travel destination. Write down the name, location, and phone number to have on hand so that if a dental emergency does arise, you’re prepared and won’t have to deal with the stress of trying to find help in a hurry!

So before you finalize those travel plans, go ahead and schedule an appointment with us at Family First Dental & Implant Center. We’ll do all we can to make sure your mouth is healthy before your departure, and we’ll look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return!

Call us today at 703-297-4353 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. And safe travels this summer!