Say Goodnight To Sleep Apnea This Summer! [BLOG]

  • July 9, 2017

It’s a great day to be a resident of the Leesburg, VA community! Dr. Buro and all of us at Family First Dental & Implant Center are excited to announce that we now offer sleep apnea treatment!

Today, we’re sharing some information with you about sleep apnea, its symptoms, and how we can help you find relief and much needed rest. After learning more about this debilitating and potentially dangerous condition, you’ll be one step closer to saying goodnight to sleep apnea this summer!

Speaking of summer, let’s start there. This is a popular time for families to set out on road trips and long awaited vacations. The planning that goes into a family vacation is certainly worth it. You have your shopping and packing lists, and you spend the days leading up to your trip taking care of those last minute details so that you and your loved ones can finally set off for your adventure.

But if you’re someone with a loud snoring problem, even the most perfectly planned vacation can be interrupted by sleepless nights for everyone in your travel party. Sharing a hotel room with someone who snores each and every night will make it pretty tough for you all to return home feeling rested and refreshed.

It’s also hard for you, the snorer, to have a good time when you know you’re the reason everyone is walking around like zombies the next day. But now, thanks to our team at Family First Dental & Implant Center, you might finally be able to take that summer vacation with peace of mind, and a small oral appliance that’ll help make yours a trip that everyone in your family can enjoy!

The Signs And Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

So what does snoring have to do with sleep apnea? Actually, chronic loud snoring night after night is one of the most common signs that you might have sleep apnea. Let’s take a look at some of the other symptoms that generally come with it.

You’ve probably heard of sleep apnea before. It’s been in the news just recently with the tragic passing of Star Wars actress, Carrie Fisher, who medical examiners determined may have died as a result of this sleep condition.

Sleep apnea is a very disruptive pattern that continues while you sleep where your airway becomes blocked, and you jerk yourself awake as a result. Once you resume breathing normally, you fall back asleep.

But because this can happen hundreds of times all throughout the night, you’re never really able to get a deep, relaxing sleep. Night after night, this will inevitably take a toll on your life and your health.

We’ve already mentioned chronic snoring, but what are the other signs that you may have sleep apnea?

-Feeling fatigued throughout the day

-Feeling moody, irritable, or depressed

-Unexplained weight gain

-Lack of sleep, obviously

-Waking up with a dry or sore throat

-Inability to concentrate on tasks during the day

While research does suggest that you might be more at risk for sleep apnea if you’re overweight, over the age of 40, and male, in general, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t fall into those categories. Sleep apnea can affect anyone, at any weight, and at any age.

Find The Rest And Relief You Need From Sleep Apnea

As your vacation approaches, we encourage you to take advantage of our sleep apnea treatment options at Family First Dental & Implant Center. What better time than summer to let our professionals help you get to the bottom of your symptoms and determine what kind of treatment will work for you?

The process for diagnosing and treating sleep apnea in our Leesburg dental office is easy and convenient. We will send a sleep test kit to your home to try to determine if your symptoms are being caused by this condition.

Then we will discuss options with you for treatment, whether you might benefit from a small oral appliance to keep your airways clear while you sleep, or whether you need help from a CPAP machine. And the good news is that Dr. Buro will work with you and your insurance company and take care of the necessary insurance billing for you.

Your health is our top priority! That’s why we are so happy to be able to offer sleep apnea treatment in our Leesburg dental office among our many other dental services to help you achieve your best oral and overall health.

The road to sleep apnea relief can now start with us at Family First Dental & Implant Center. Make this your last summer with sleepless nights and give us a call TODAY at 703-297-4353 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.