The Unexpected Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

  • October 20, 2016

Some people really fear going to the dentist, which is why our Leesburg dental office offers sedation dentistry. If you’re just a little nervous or if you have skipped appointments in the past because of anxiety, our dental sedation can help you get the treatments you need for your dental health. But the benefits of sedation dentistry go much further than just helping treatments happen. Whether you go with conscious sedation or twilight sleep, here are some benefits you might not have thought about.

Saving time: If you’re like most adults these days, your schedule is already busy. Grocery shopping, getting the kids to sports, paying bills, getting to the gym … it all adds up fast. The last thing you need is three or four dental appointments just to finish one dental treatment like veneers or a dental crown because you can’t stand the treatment. Sedation dentistry at our Leesburg, VA dental office can help you feel so relaxed and comfortable that you can get everything done in one treatment.

Save money: Along the same lines, multiple trips to the dentist for one treatment can increase the cost. For example, we can’t place a dental implant without getting the surgical room prepared, making sure the implant site is thoroughly clean, and so on. By feeling so relaxed with our sedation dentistry options, you can often get everything done in that one visit. Imagine paying for three visits when you could have had one.

Better outlook toward future appointments: People rarely talk about their dental visits as an awesome experience that you can’t get back to soon enough. Instead, most people see them as something that just needs to happen. That’s a healthy way to look at it. But for some people, the thought of going to the dentist induces so much anxiety that they will likely cancel the appointment or just not show up. To fight this, you need to build up better experiences with the dentist’s office.

Since sedation can help make your appointment very easy to get through, it starts to change how you see future appointments. They become less scary, which makes it easier for you to get there.
Suppress a strong gag reflex: Some people are born with a sensitive gag reflex. Just put a fork too far into your mouth, and you could start to gag and feel like you might throw up. And putting tools in your mouth is a big part of dentistry.

If your gag reflex is sensitive, it could make it a lot harder and more time-consuming to get the treatment complete. Sedation can help relax your gag reflex as well, allowing our dentists to do their job while you skip feeling like you’re gagging.

Control unexpected or sudden movements: We like to think we’re in control of our bodies, and for the most part, we are. But there are times and circumstances when we move without thinking about it. If you hear a sudden loud noise, chances are you are going to quickly look to see what made that noise.

If you feel pain, you could jump out of your seat before you realize it. Such unexpected and uncontrolled movements can be a real problem when you are getting dental work done. Imagine undergoing oral surgery to get a dental implant and suddenly turning your head to see something.

While under the effects of dental sedation (conscious sedation or twilight sleep), such sudden movements are almost never going to happen. Your body is just going to be too relaxed for such movements, meaning your treatment will go faster and be safer.

No memory of the procedure: For some people, dental anxiety is the result of bad memories from another dental office, such as a tooth extraction that went wrong or the sounds of a dental drill. Those memories can linger for decades, helping contribute to the anxiety you feel when you even think about going to the dentist’s office. With our twilight sleep sedation, you will hover in between being awake and asleep during your appointment. Not only will you feel relaxed throughout it, but you probably won’t have the memory of it happening.

Sedation dentistry is something that can turn an anxiety-inducing dental appointment into something that you barely remember. Even better, you can get the treatments you need and all of these benefits as well at our Leesburg, VA dental office. To schedule your next appointment and include sedation, call us today at 703-297-4353 or contact us online now!