Treat Your TMJ Trouble In Leesburg, VA [video]

  • December 1, 2016

As a general dentistry practice, we take pride in being able to help different patients with a variety of needs at our dentist office in Leesburg, VA. That includes TMJ treatments in our office.

TMJ disorders can affect you throughout the day, even they can arise from grinding your teeth in your sleep. Contact Family First Dental & Implant Center today if you have noticed one or more of the following symptoms:

◆ Frequent headaches (including migraines)

◆ Earaches

◆ Face, neck, and upper back pain

◆ Jaw movement problems

◆ Jaw pain, particularly in the morning or after eating

We have helped several patients, like Marsha, and we would be happy to help you, too.

To make an appointment, call 703-297-4353 or contact us online.