Dental Implants & Dentures

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They're friendly. They're fun. They have a great sense of humor. You feel like they do care about, not only being here as a patient, but a lot of them have asked personal details about my life. That's been nice. They want to actually get to know me as a person. I had a cracked tooth. I came in. It had to get pulled. I came here to get an implant. I didn't realize that an implant would take several months. They've been supportive every step of the way. They've outlined a step-by-step procedure, what to expect, the time frame, on my first visit here. It's been very comfortable. I haven't had any pain. It's been a great process and a good experience. Definitely, highly recommend Family First.

You can often tell when someone is missing teeth. They try not to smile, or they won’t order foods like steak that take some real chewing to eat. Which is a shame because our dental implants and dentures can replace missing teeth and help you smile and eat like normal again. The dentists at our Leesburg, VA dentist office can use durable, lifelike replacement teeth either attached to implanted roots or a gum-colored mold. Either way, you get your smile back.

What Is A Dental Implant?

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There certainly was a family that I had treated for many years. The need for the father to finally do something about the missing teeth and the dentures ... and of course over the years, I didn't have anything better to offer him than some type of denture replacement for the missing teeth. He came out here and we were able to restore his entire mouth, upper and lower, with dental implants and bridgework that was attached to those implants. That pretty much put him back to where he was when he was 20 years old. It was the most gratifying thing to be able to have a long-standing patient who has been that loyal, willing to come out here and follow, and actually make something for him. Put him back in the situation where I could restore him to almost what it was like before he started losing all his teeth. Things like that are the most gratifying parts of being a dentist. The things we can do for patients. Paying him back for the loyalty over the years was wonderful to do that for him.

A dental implant is an attractive, long-lasting solution to missing teeth. Each implant has three parts: a titanium root that is implanted in your jawbone; a replacement tooth; and an abutment that connects the two. Since your jaw is supposed to have roots in there from your natural teeth, the titanium root helps keep your jawbone healthy while providing the same strength and durability as your natural teeth.

Can I Get One To Replace My Missing Tooth?

Most patients can get dental implants. But because the titanium root is implanted in your jawbone, the area of bone receiving the implant must be healthy and thick. Otherwise, there’s a real risk of breaking the jawbone or losing the implant. If your bone is too thin or unhealthy, we can still help. Our bone grafts can add healthy bone tissue to the area, and our mini dental implants are much smaller than regular implants and therefore need less bone to hold onto.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Dental Implant?

Normally, the implanted root needs time to fuse with the surrounding bone, and the site itself needs time to heal. This can mean waiting a few months before putting the replacement tooth (or dentures, or All-on-4TM replacement arch) in your mouth. However, our Leesburg, VA dental office offers same-day tooth replacement in some cases. Your dentist will tell you if immediate placement is right for you.

Are Traditional Removable Dentures Still Used?

When you are missing only a few teeth, dental bridges or implants are a great solution. But when you’re missing a lot of teeth, there is an alternative treatment. Dentures have been around for a while, but there’s a reason — they work really well. Traditional full dentures are noninvasive, meaning there is no surgery needed. Our Leesburg, VA dental team will create a full arch of replacement teeth set in a gum-colored mold and make sure it has a tight but comfortable fit over your gums.

What Are Partial Dentures?

More and more, people are keeping at least some of their natural teeth as they get older. If you are missing some teeth in a row but still have natural teeth on either side of the gap, you could be a great fit for partial dentures. Like full dentures, these are removable and use beautiful replacement teeth set in a gum-colored mold. However, partials do not have a full arch of teeth; they replace only the ones you are missing. They are also held in place by clasps attached to the healthy teeth next to the space.

How Can I Make Sure My Dentures Won’t Fall Out?

While traditional full dentures are very useful, some patients have trouble keeping the dentures where they belong. Sometimes, the dentures can slide around or even come out unexpectedly. If you want to make sure your dentures stay put, we can combine dentures with dental implants. Implant-supported dentures uses a curved bar to hold onto implanted roots, and implant-retained dentures do the same with a series of ball-and-socket connectors.

With the dentures and dental implants available at our Leesburg, VA dental office, there really is no reason to suffer from missing teeth. For more information on how implants and dentures can replace your missing teeth, or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today at 703-297-4353 or use our convenient online form.