I’m Embarrassed to Smile

Are You Embarrassed To Smile?

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I love coming here because every time I walk in, I don't feel like just a patient. I feel like a person and they're always welcoming and kind. When they talk to you, they have real conversations. It's not just going through the motions. Leaving each appointment, they give you tips and what you can do better. Especially being in college, you meet so many people everyday and be able to feel confident when you talk to them. That's extremely important especially when talking to professors and stuff. I think just like encouraging me to do better with my teeth helped me extremely in school and everyday actually.

A year ago, my teeth were pretty sensitive. Coming here and being able to change my routine a little bit, I've noticed that it hasn't really been the case lately. Like I was saying before, talking to people is ... I'm very more confident and being able to smile more and to be able to radiate myself and not to be self conscious with my teeth, definitely I've seen an improvement. I'm hoping to be a physical therapist and I know that it's a lot of human interaction and conversation. I think having a good smile and confident smile is very important when it comes to that and connecting with your patients.

At least for my age, like a lot of adults sometimes would talk down to me because I'm a teenager. Every time I come here, I never feel like that. I always feel equal and on the same level and they're very approachable.

Your teeth are obviously important to you. They help you talk and eat. But your teeth are also an important part of your look. When you smile, people see your teeth just as much as they see your shirt, shoes, or any part of your appearance. That means having an ugly smile can caused you to be embarrassed to smile. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. At our Leesburg, VA dentist office, we offer cosmetic dentistry treatments to make you happy to smile.

Dental Veneers For A Winning Smile

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We see patients all the time who tell us that they put their hand up in front of their mouth. They didn't even realize how much they did it and suddenly they realize that's all they do. That whenever they go to smile they put their hand up and they kind of make believe they're doing something else but what they're doing is trying to keep people from seeing their smile and the idea is, 'Let's find out what that is and what is it that you notice about your smile that you don't like?' Not necessarily with what the dentist notices. I've seen patients with minor chips that it really bothers, very much. A little chip on their tooth is a huge concern to them. Other people wouldn't notice something like that.

What is it about your smile that you're unhappy with? It's a subjective aspect for a lot of people. The dentist will figure out how to fix whatever it is you don't like. Whether it's braces, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry with veneers. Depending on what it is you're seeing in your smile that you would like to change that's how we guide you through the dental procedures that would address that for you. You have no need to not be honest and open with us because we are here to fix it, we're not here to make it more difficult or to embarrass you. Tell us what it is and then we can fix it.

Your teeth usually start out white and smooth. But as the years pass by, they can accumulate stains, chips, and gaps between them. Dental veneers can fix all of that. These ultra-thin shells are made from a durable, lifelike material. Veneers are carefully bonded to the front of your teeth, covering over those imperfections with a beautiful appearance. But veneers are about more than just making you look good; they also seal up and protect any damage on the front of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening For A Bright, White Smile

If you own a white shirt, you probably have noticed it’s lost some of its white color over the years. The same thing happens to your teeth. Years of coffee, wine, certain foods, and plaque can make your teeth look dull and unhealthy. But we offer two kinds of teeth whitening systems: PureWhite for routine stains you can take care of at home, and the KöR Whitening System for teeth that really need help. (KöR can be done in our Leesburg, VA office or at home.) Both can turn dark, dingy teeth into that dazzling white everyone wants to see in a smile.

Orthodontics For An Even Smile

Covering imperfections and whitening teeth won’t do much to help with a smile full of crooked teeth. If your smile looks bad because your teeth are unaligned or uneven, our orthodontic treatments can help. We offer traditional braces, ceramic clear braces, and Invisalign “invisible braces.” All three will gently move your teeth to where they belong so you can be happy about your smile again

If you’re sad because your teeth look horrible, know that you can do something about it. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments will give you back the smile that makes you happy again. For more information on cosmetic dentistry, or to schedule your next appointment, call our Leesburg, VA dentist office today at 703-297-4353 or use our convenient online form.