I’m Having a Hard Time Chewing

Are You Having A Hard Time Chewing Your Food?

Eating is fundamental to being human. Not only do we need to eat just to stay alive, but we also focus a lot of our social life around food. Holidays come with a big meal; co-workers treat themselves by ordering in for lunch; and what would date night be like without dinner and a movie? We use eating as a chance to reconnect with loved ones and socialize — which is difficult to do if you’re having a hard time chewing.

The pain can come from a tooth that needs to be removed or from already missing teeth. It’s really important to get tooth replacements that look great and work normally. Otherwise, how is that date going to go if you wince in pain every time you take a bite?

Dental Implants For Replacing Single Teeth

Dental implants are a fantastic solution to missing teeth because they last a very long time, help your smile look normal again, and are the closest thing you can get to regrowing teeth. Implants have three components:

  1. A titanium root: This mimics the natural root that all of your healthy teeth have. Our doctors will surgically implant the root in your jaw where the tooth once was. It’s made from titanium because your body will not reject that metal.
  2. A dental crown: This replacement tooth is custom-made to fit that exact spot in your mouth. It will also match the color of your neighboring teeth so that no one will notice it is a replacement.
  3. An abutment: This little piece connects the dental crown to the titanium root. This way, if you ever have an accident and damage the crown, our dentists can replace it without having to resort to surgery again to remove the implanted titanium root.

Normally, you’ll have to wait a few months after getting the root implanted in your jawbone to heal before getting the crown. However, there are cases where our dentists can place the whole implant in one visit.

All-on-4TM And Dentures With Implants For Replacing Lots Of Teeth

The dental implant is great for replacing a single lost tooth, but with a little modification, implants can also be used to replace a full arch of teeth. Our All-on-4 implants use four implanted roots to hold onto an arch of teeth (all of the teeth on the top or bottom). We also have dentures that use implants to hold them securely in your mouth so they won’t fall out accidentally.

If you’re having a hard time chewing, there’s no reason to keep suffering. We can replace damaged or lost teeth with dental implants so you can eat pain-free again. For more information on our dental implants and dentures, or to schedule your next appointment, call our Leesburg, VA dentist today at 703-297-4353 or use our convenient online form.