Orthodontic Treatments in Leesburg, VA

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We treat a lot of families with children. By definition that means orthodontics. We see so many kids who need orthodontic treatments intervention at some point. We offer a wide range of orthodontic from full-blown orthodontic treatment for children mostly, for younger people, 10, 11, 12, 13 years old, to adult orthodontics as well.

The difference usually is with adults. If they're interested in orthodontics it's almost always having to do with cosmetics, with their appearance. They don't want to spend a year and a half, 2 years, in orthodontic treatment in order to correct what they perceive and correctly to some degree, a cosmetic issue.

One of the wonderful things again that's happened in dentistry is a phase of dentistry now called rapid orthodontics. We're really just want to realign some front teeth, fix some overlaps or fix some spacings or things like that that are not making the teeth look so good, where the smile looks so good. We can do that and we can do it very quickly.

In this office we incorporate a system called 6 month smiles. It's a form of rapid orthodontics. Literally we tell patients by their next hygiene visit they can have straight teeth. If we're just realigning some of their front teeth, they're crowded or if they're spaced or whatever might be the issue, pretty much can be corrected in a 6 month time period. That's worked real well for us in getting patients to get the orthodontics they need without having to spend years in it. Plus it's a little more cost effective then traditional orthodontics.

Everyone knows that orthodontics are for teenagers, right? Think again with your Leesburg dentist. Yes, your teenage years are the perfect time for moving your teeth to where they should be, but your teeth don’t always stay put. Over time, your smile can slowly look uneven or crooked even if you had braces as a kid. That’s why many adults are joining teens in getting orthodontic treatments.

Why Would I Need To Move My Teeth?

Your primary teeth serve as guides for your adult teeth to follow, and in a perfect world, those teeth would come in and look straight and evenly spaced. But how often is the world perfect? For almost everyone, at least some of the adult teeth come in crooked and uneven, leaving you with an unaligned, unattractive smile. But for some people, it’s more than just a cosmetic issue. Sometimes, your body doesn’t make all of the adult teeth you need. Your wisdom teeth could come in and push the rest of your teeth out of alignment. You could even have too many teeth, creating an overcrowded smile. Thankfully, orthodontic treatments from our Leesburg, VA dental office can help with all of that.

Will I Need To Visit An Orthodontist’s Office?

Some dental offices do not have an orthodontist on staff and might need to send you out to another office for braces or Invisalign treatments. But Family First Dental & Implant Center has an orthodontist here in our Leesburg, VA dental office. That means we can normally do all of the work right here, giving you one less place you’ll need to visit.

Are Traditional Metal Braces Still Used?

While it’s always a good idea to stay current and look toward modern technologies, it’s foolish to abandon things that work just because they’re not shiny and new. That’s why we offer traditional braces here at Family First Dental & Implant Center. In this treatment, metal brackets are temporarily cemented to the front of your teeth. Thin wires connect those brackets, and by carefully tightening certain wires, we can gently push and pull your teeth to where they belong.

Do You Have Less Noticeable Braces?

Some people do not want metal and wires in their mouth, especially adults and teens who fear being embarrassed by them. We offer two alternatives that can work just as well as traditional braces:

  • Our ceramic clear braces still use wires to move your teeth, but the wires are colored to match your teeth, and the brackets on your teeth are made from a clear ceramic. That means no shiny metal in your smile.
  • Invisalign gets rid of wires and brackets altogether and instead uses a series of clear plastic aligners similar to mouthguards. By wearing a new set every couple of weeks, you still gently move your teeth where they should be. And because Invisalign is made from clear plastic, they are almost invisible when worn.

How Long Will I Have To Wear My Orthodontics?

Moving your teeth to their proper position takes time, but how much time depends on the treatment and the amount of work needed to get your smile perfect. Traditional braces are normally worn for two to three years, and the same is true for ceramic braces. Invisalign takes less time, usually around one year or so. If you need something done faster, we offer Six Month Smiles. This treatment saves time by focusing only on the teeth people normally see when you smile and can be completed in as little as six months.

For more information on how our orthodontic treatments like braces, invisalign and six month smiles can give you an even, beautiful smile, or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today at 703-297-4353 or use our convenient online form.