The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Family First Dental & Implant Center is the premier location for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. Our Leesburg, VA dentist is proud to offer a variety of tooth replacement options, including one option for almost anyone with missing teeth: mini dental implants.

You’ll find that mini dental implants can be the answer for people with single missing teeth and those missing all their teeth. Come and see us to hear more about your options!

Why Patients Prefer Mini Dental Implants

At Family First Dental & Implant Center, we offer affordable mini dental implants to replace missing teeth. Implants, in all forms, merge with the jawbone and can support any restoration. With great care, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Here are some of the major benefits of our mini dental implants:

No gum or bone grafting — Mini dental implants are often used for patients with thin jawbones. When teeth are lost, the jawbone will recede. Bone with advanced deterioration has difficulty holding in a regular implant. Mini dental implants, being smaller in diameter, can be placed into bone with deterioration and still function well.

Less sensitivity — The size of the implant determines the level of surgery. Because our mini dental implants are smaller in diameter, the postoperative sensitivity is minimal. You’ll be able to eat whatever you want very soon after you leave our office.

Less time in the chair — Mini dental implants can be placed in a fraction of the time of conventional dental implants. In fact, with our precise planning using CBCT technology and panoramic X-rays, Dr. Buro can place as many as four mini implants in about 30 minutes!

Less cost to you — Mini dental implants in our Leesburg, VA dentist office are about 30 percent less expensive than conventional implants. Less expensive materials and less time in the dental chair means you’ll cut costs significantly when you choose mini dental implants over traditional dental implants.

Get Your Smile Back With Mini Dental Implants

At Family First Dental & Implant Center, we pride ourselves on replacing missing teeth with functional, strong replacement teeth. We’d love to see you in our office so you can hear about the ways in which mini dental implants can change your life. Our mini dental implant consultations are free.

Call us today at 703-297-4353, or request an appointment using our online form.