Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Leesburg, VA

If you look in your mouth and see lots of problems with your teeth, you might think the situation is hopeless. How can a dentist even know where to start? At our Leesburg, VA dentist office, our dentists are highly trained and can help create a plan called a full-mouth reconstruction that can address all of your dental issues and get you back to having a healthy, functional smile.

Your medical insurance may be able to help cover the cost of a full-mouth reconstruction! Bring your medical insurance card into the office, and we’ll help you determine if this payment option is available to you.

How Can Dental Implants Help My Smile And Jaw?

When you’re missing teeth, your smile simply looks bad. Every time people see that gap in your smile, they wonder what horrible thing happened to that tooth or just assume you didn’t take care of your dental health. But your jawbone is designed to have the roots of teeth in it. When a root goes missing and the tooth no longer exists to stimulate and strengthen the bone, the bone tissue around the socket starts to deteriorate. By getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, you’re not just making your smile whole again. You’re preventing bone loss by having that artificial root and tooth in place.

How Do Implants Help Dentures Stay Put?

Traditional dentures are infamous for falling out accidentally. While that’s not common, it can happen. At our Leesburg, VA dental office, we can use implants to hold onto your dentures so they don’t move. Implant-supported dentures use a curved bar to hold onto several implants, while implant-retained dentures use ball-and-socket joints to snap onto those implants. Both give you a full arch of beautiful, durable replacement teeth.

What Are All-On-4™ Dental Implants?

All-on-4 dental implants are similar to implant-supported and implant-retained dentures. They replace all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth with natural-looking but durable replacements. But All-on-4 uses four implants — two at the front of your mouth and two more at the back set at a special angle — to hold the replacement teeth securely in place. All-on-4 implants can often be placed in just one appointment.

Can I Get Implants Even If My Jawbone Is Thin?

In order to use implants, you need to have a good amount of healthy bone tissue. Otherwise, the implant won’t fuse with the bone, and you’ll be at risk for having the implant fail. There are two ways we can get around this. First is to surgically graft bone tissue to that spot. But we also offer mini dental implants. These are implanted roots just like regular implants, but because they are much thinner, they can be used where regular implants cannot.

What Are Same-Day Smiles?

If you need a full-mouth reconstruction, the last thing you want is to wait forever to get your teeth replaced and your smile back to normal. For some patients, we can offer Same-Day Smiles. Normally, you have to wait a few months for a regular implant to heal before getting the replacement tooth put there. But with a Same-Day Smile, you can get both the implants and replacements finished in just one visit.

No dental situation is hopeless, so even if you have a lot of problems with your teeth, our full-mouth reconstructions can help. For more information on full-mouth reconstructions, or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today at 703-297-4353 or use our convenient online form.