Hybrid Dentures in Leesburg, VA

Your smile is a chance at making a great first impression, and hybrid dentures from our Leesburg dentist office can help. Traditional dentures are still very much used today to replace a few or a full arch of teeth, but technology has given us many new options for these replacement teeth.

Are Traditional Removable Dentures Still Used?

When you are missing only a few teeth, dental bridges or implants are a great solution. But when you’re missing a lot of teeth, you need a more comprehensive treatment. Dentures have been around for a while, but there’s a reason for that — they still work well. Traditional full dentures are noninvasive, meaning there is no surgery needed. Our Leesburg, VA dental team will create a full arch of replacement teeth set in a gum-colored mold and make sure it has a tight but comfortable fit over your gums.

What Are Partial Dentures?

More and more, people are keeping at least some of their natural teeth as they get older. If you are missing some teeth in a row but still have natural teeth on either side of the gap, you could be a great fit for partial dentures. Like full dentures, these are removable and use beautiful replacement teeth set in a gum-colored mold. However, partials do not have a full arch of teeth; they replace only the ones you are missing. They are held in place by clasps attached to the healthy teeth next to the space.

How Can I Make Sure My Dentures Won’t Fall Out?

While traditional full dentures are very useful, some patients have trouble keeping the dentures where they belong. Sometimes, the dentures can slide around or even come out unexpectedly. If you want to make sure your dentures stay put, we can combine dentures with dental implants or mini dental implants — smaller in diameter than regular implants. Implant-supported dentures use a curved bar to hold onto implanted roots, and implant-retained dentures do the same with a series of ball-and-socket connectors.

What Are Hybrid Dentures?

For some patients, getting traditional dentures is not an option. For example, patients with gum disease can have such a problem with their gum tissue that putting removable dentures over the gums can be uncomfortable. Many patients have bone loss in their jaw, or do not want the dentures to cover their palate and interfere with tasting food. To help with all of this, we offer hybrid dentures. These are dentures in that they replace all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth. Unlike removable dentures, however, they use dental implants to secure the dentures in place and help transfer the pressure from biting onto the bone and not the gums. Hybrid dentures can also include replacement gums for missing gum tissue to ensure your smile looks normal.

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