Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Procedures in Leesburg, VA

The dentists at our Leesburg, VA dental office are excellent with oral surgery. Whether it involves extracting a tooth, placing implants, removing wisdom teeth, or adding healthy bone tissue, you can get the treatments you need from our experienced, highly trained dentists. We also have an oral surgeon in our office, so you will not need to go to yet another place for treatment.

You might even be able to keep more money in your pocket. While your dental insurance may not cover your treatment, we can sometimes bill medical insurance! Bring your insurance card to the office, and we’ll find out if you qualify for this unique opportunity.

Why Would A Tooth Have To Be Removed?

At our Leesburg, VA dental office, we always try to save your teeth. That’s why we have treatments like dental crowns and root canal therapy. But there are times when a combination of neglect and damage can make saving the tooth impossible. If a cavity was ignored for too long, or an infection allowed to grow unchecked, removing the tooth might be the only option left to keep your mouth healthy. Then again, sometimes teeth are removed because your smile is overcrowded.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Need To Get Removed?

Because your wisdom teeth (also called third molars) come in so late compared to the rest of your permanent teeth, there are often complications. The wisdom teeth might try to come in partially underneath your second molars, or they might stay partially covered by the gum and get impacted. In cases like those, removing the wisdom teeth is likely necessary. Even if they come in without problems, you might have trouble keeping them clean because they are so far back in your mouth. Wisdom teeth often remain partially covered by gums, and when impacted this way, they become even harder to clean. While not every single wisdom tooth needs removing, that’s usually the case.

What Is A Sinus Augmentation?

A dental implant procedure (and implants for use with dentures) requires oral surgery to place them in your jawbone. For some people, there’s a problem doing the surgery with the upper teeth. Just above the jawbone is your sinus membrane, and if that is naturally low, placing an implant could rupture the membrane. To remedy this, we can perform a sinus augmentation, or sinus lift. This is when our dentists permanently move the sinus membrane farther away from your teeth and add bone material to make that part of your jaw thicker and stronger.

What Is A Ridge Augmentation?

For other people, the problem with getting an implant is not the sinuses but the ridge. This is the part of your jawbone where tooth roots are found in their sockets. If this area is weak, you run the risk of having an implant fail on you. But we can add healthy bone tissue to the ridge, helping those implants stay safely where they belong.

Can Oral Surgery Help With A Jawbone Too Weak For Implants?

Another possible problem with dental implant placement is weak bone tissue. If a jaw has gone without a tooth’s root and stimulation from the actual tooth for too long, the bone tissue around where the root used to be starts to deteriorate and get weak. A bone graft is an oral surgical procedure where our dentists place healthy bone tissue in that spot. Once healed, it should be strong enough for implants.

In many cases we can place a mini dental implant — ideal for patients with weak jawbones — and forgo grafting. Mini dental implants are a fraction of the cost of regular implants, too.

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