Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal or Dental Extractions in Leesburg, VA

At our Leesburg, VA dentist office, we always try to save your natural teeth. That’s why we have restorative treatments like tooth-colored composite fillings, dental crowns, and root canal therapy. Those can all repair damaged teeth and let you eat normally. But there are times when a tooth cannot be saved and you need tooth removal or dental extractions.

Why Do Some Teeth Need To Get Extracted?

In general, teeth need to be extracted when they either have too much damage to repair or if keeping the tooth in your mouth puts your other teeth at risk. If a cavity has grown too large, there might not be enough tooth left for even a dental crown to work. If too much of the pulp inside a tooth gets inflamed, root canal therapy may not be effective. Gum disease can also cause teeth to need extractions. In these cases, extracting the tooth is the only option left.

Some people have a tooth extracted because it’s making their smile look overcrowded. Removing this culprit tooth or teeth can prepare someone for orthodontic treatment and, in the end, actually improve the look of their smile.

What Happens When A Tooth Needs To Be Removed?

Before removing a tooth, our dentists will make sure there are no other options remaining. Once this has been explained thoroughly to you, we will first administer local anesthetic so you don’t feel anything. Then we use a special dental tool to loosen the tooth before finally extracting it. At that point, we can either leave the space alone for now or place a dental implant.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Often Have To Be Taken Out?

Almost all of your adult teeth come in around the same time. But for some reason, your wisdom teeth come in much later in life. Because your other molars are already in place, wisdom teeth have a nasty habit of either trying to come in partially underneath your molars or never fully coming in and getting impacted. But even if your wisdom teeth come in perfectly, because they are so far back in your mouth, it’s often hard to keep them clean. Extracting your wisdom teeth can make sense just because it’s very likely that they’ll get cavities or worse.

What If I’m Scared Of A Tooth Removal?

Many people are worried about a tooth extraction even though we use a local anesthetic to get rid of the pain. If you are one of these people, our sedation dentistry can help. We have conscious sedation with oral medicine or twilight sedation through an IV. Either way, you can feel so relaxed and comfortable that you might even sleep through the extraction.

And don’t fear the cost, either. We can sometimes use medical insurance to help cover the cost of your treatment. Simply bring your medical insurance card into the office and let us find out if you qualify!

Tooth removal might sound scary, but it’s sometimes the only way to save yourself a lot of pain and discomfort. For more information on our dental extractions, or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today at 703-297-4353 or use our convenient online form.