Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety with Dental Sedation in Leesburg, VA

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It's very friendly office. I really like what I do. I work more with ortho and with general practice. I love the place. We try to be the most friendly we can. We try our best to make your visit comfortable, and no scared because a lot of people scared to do dentist. We try to make you very comfortable, very kind, very friendly and family. This is my second family.

One of the patient came (inaudible 00:00:32), and he was very nervous. He wants to be in sedation. He did the first time, little bit sedation, it was nitrous. The second time he was getting better, and the third time he didn't need it. It's going slowly, slowly, but in the end, at the last visit, he don't need any nitrous or anything. He was completely calmed down, and he cooperate and he did fine. He understand what's going on. We try to explain every step, and he get well. Anyone can come to the office, we can take care of you and we will be very kind with you, and we will do the best for you.

Fear should never rule our lives, but we’re only human. If we have bad experiences at a certain place, those feelings tend to reappear whenever we go back there. It can even make you never go there again. Sadly, the same is true with dental offices. For some people, memories of painful treatments, uncomfortable sounds, and cold employees make the thought of going back to the dentist so bad that they skip much-needed dental treatments. The pain of a toothache is preferable to the pain of going back.

If you have dental anxiety like this, you are not alone. That’s why our dentists offer sedation dentistry. With our dental sedation, you can feel at ease so you can get the treatments you need.

What Types Of Dental Sedation Do You Offer?

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We have gone out of our way to make this an office that provides various levels of sedation dentistry. Form simple nitrous oxide, what we call laughing gas, to taking a pill the night before, the day of the procedure that is an anxiety relieving pill that relieves the stress of the dental visit. Even though you are awake, you can respond, the anxiety and the fear is lessened tremendously. Then for the patients who really want more than that, we have the ability to do IV sedation. We have a surgical suite and that's where we do most of our sedation and do our surgeries and root canals.

The things that patients come in, just the words scare the heck out of them. They hear the word root canal and that sounds awful and oddly enough it is one of the more painless procedures we can do for them. There is a perception connected to it. It's all about relieving the perception, not really relieving the pain because we still have to get patients numbed but the thing that's really stressful for them is their perception of what they're going to be going through. If we can get that part of it out of their consciousness, then the dental procedure itself goes along very smoothly.

There are many types of dental sedation, but at our Leesburg, VA dental office, we focus on how to get you past your dental anxiety quickly. That’s why we offer oral medication for a form of conscious sedation and IV anesthesia for twilight sleep sedation. Both are offered by our dentists who are trained in their use, ensuring you can receive sedation safely.

What Is Conscious Sedation?

We always want to help you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can get the dental care you need for a healthy smile. But it’s usually a good idea to use the minimum sedation necessary to do that. Besides, there are treatments where it’s a good idea to be able to answer questions while the dentist performs the treatment. Conscious sedation is still sedation, and you will still have that incredibly relaxed and easygoing feeling that comes with it. However, you will normally stay awake during the treatment and can answer any questions the dentist might have.

Do You Offer The Kind Of Sedation Where I’ll Fall Asleep?

Our twilight sleep sedation is administered intravenously (IV). Our dentists will carefully measure the right dose of sedative to bring you into a state of relaxation so deep that you will probably not even remember the treatment took place. In this state, you will likely fade in and out of sleep, sort of occupying this twilight area between being awake and being asleep.

What If I Hate Feeling Rushed At My Appointments?

For some patients, part of their dental anxiety is when they are mistreated by the staff at a dentist’s office and feel rushed and ignored by the speed of it all. If this sounds like something you are worried about, our Leesburg, VA dental office can give you an appointment longer than the usual time frame. This can give you time necessary to stay calm and feel unrushed.

Don’t let fear or dental anxiety keep your teeth unhealthy and your smile unattractive. For more information on dental sedation, or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today at 703-297-4353 or use our convenient online form.